UPDATE: Multipath QUIC has been adopted by the QUIC WG! Have a look at the adopted IETF draft.

Multipath QUIC is an extension to the QUIC protocol that enables hosts to exchange data over multiple networks over a single connection. It is first introduced in the CoNEXT 2017 paper “Multipath QUIC: Design and Evaluation” and is described in details in its (old) IETF draft. A new version of the IETF draft is available.

A prototype of Multipath QUIC based on quic-go is available here.

The artifacts for the CoNEXT 2017 paper and a description on how to use them are available here.

You can also retrive the Ph.D. thesis of Quentin De Coninck about “Flexible Multipath Transport Protocols” here.

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