Do you want to know how beneficial is the usage of multiple network paths? Are you looking in benchmarking Multipath TCP compared to (Multipath) QUIC? Or do you just want to take part into a research project?

We recently released an iOS application called MultipathTester. It aims to evaluate the performance of Multipath TCP against (Multipath) QUIC under different network traffics. Two kinds of experiments are available:

  • Mobile experiment: Estimate how far your WiFi access point is usable by your device and how multipath protocols behave under network handover cases.

  • Multipath experiment: Benchmark multipath protocols under different network traffics (bulk transfer, fixed-rate streaming,…). You can also evaluate the benefits of aggregating your networks (this behavior is optional).

The result of the experiments can then be visualized through tables and graphes.

The application can be found on the App Store or by clicking on the logo below.

MultipathTester logo

If you have comments, bug reports or suggestion for improvements about the UI, the result visualization or the tests performed, please contact us at “quentin.deconinck at”.